Hi, I’m Florian Heidenreich, an Indie Software Developer living in Dresden, Germany.

When I started working on Mp3tag for Windows more than 20 years ago, I loved the idea of creating software and giving back to the community. Over the years, this initial intention hasn’t changed. In addition, I’ve got to know many people from all around the world who enjoy using Mp3tag and get value out of it. This gives me a ton of motivation.

After being in academia, co-founding a company and working there for a while, I went on to be an Indie Software Developer in autumn 2016. I create my income from the software I’m creating. What I love about that is that it allows for having long stretches of deep work, having my own schedule, and focusing on a product.

In early 2017, I started actively thinking about a native version of Mp3tag for Mac. It was only a vague idea and as much as I’ve wanted to have this native version, as far I was away from actually having a usable product.

Since then I’ve learned Swift and fell in love with building a version of Mp3tag that’s a great citizen on macOS. And for more than the past 4 years, I’m working almost daily on what is now Mp3tag for Mac.

I hope you like Mp3tag for Mac and give it a spin!